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To Scrub or not to Scrub

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

What could be better than starting your day with the perfect cup of coffee? An amazing Sugar Scrub in the shower infused with the essence of Lavender and Coconut organic oils.

These little gems were dropped off to me at my shop, and are truly amazing. Fragrance will fill your shower when you pop one of these adorable jars open. Made with pure sun softened coconut oil, sugar, lavender buds and essential oil, it will give you that sweet start to your day.

Why Scrub

Have you ever had some dry skin on your elbows, knees, feet or just overall dryness all over? Well this is your chance to give it some moisture and shine.

Our skin takes a beating with all that it goes through. We wash it daily with soaps that typically contain dirt dissolving ingredients, and then expect the lotions to bring back moisture with lotions that are designed to grease us up, and voila, skin is new again...Umm, NO it's not. We slather on more and more thinking that it will do better the next time. Well, that's like putting on more nail polish after the old coating has been beat up. We need to get rid of the toxins and dry skin that is left behind on your skin to allow for the natural healing and re-moisturizing that your skin is designed to do. By using and organic scrub, it allows your skin to be able to repair its lost moisture by getting rid of the old dry skin cells to make way for the new cells. Your skin can breathe again.

Sugar or Salt You Ask

Both Sugar and Salt are amazing for achieving a nice scrubbing effect on the body. However, if you've just shaved your legs, or anything else, salt may be bit uncomfortable to use at that time. It will sting. But Sugar will feel great on your legs after a fresh shave, making them shiny and sexy for those cute shorts you want to wear. But my shoulders and arms absolutely love a beautifully scented salt scrub. Give both a try and see which one is your fave. You'll be happy you did, and hopefully become addicted like I am!

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