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Keeping the Color!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Wild & fun Color with a splash of Rainbow!


Cool vibrant Purples, bright greens & blues, and cotton candy pink by Paul Mitchell XG Color will amaze the audience. But please take care of the color too! The vibrant pigments require COOL WATER SHOWERS, not hot showers, and mild shampoos (OLAPLEX shampoos and conditioners help to keep the heath of your hair.) Please keep in mind that once you’ve gone those funky shades, your hair has gone through a lot of processes. The color will last with love and maintenance.


The split color look has been trending for a while now. And who can resist? With so many beautiful colors to choose from, who can choose just one? Whatever the color make sure to get yourself some support products:


Condition & Shine

Don't forget to get yourself some Olaplex for deep conditioning after a service like this. This process requires bleaching to a pale blonde, and can leave the hair brittle. It will need deep conditioning with Olaplex for rebonding.

Client: Kaellie Photo Cred: Tina Nixon

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