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Hair Color that Shines!

Keeping your hair color shiny and healthy looking is easy with quality products. Make sure to always check with your hairdresser to see if there's something new you should be using to keep your hair at it's best.

Having hair that is multi-dimensional in color, translation: Highlighted hair, means having to stay on top of its health. That usually means washing with premium shampoos and conditioning and using hydration packs on a regular basis. You can't go wrong with Redken's line of tried and true quality product line. Maintaining a regime of hair care will keep your locks shiny and beautiful. Deviate from a plan, and you could find your hair snapping off in the brush or on the comb. When your hair is wet, only use a comb or a brush designed for wet hair. When its dry use a brush. always be gentle with your blonde highlights, they need TLC. Make sure to wash and condition about every 2-3 days. Your hair will start to look oily, and that's never pretty.

Hot Tools

Using hot tools can take its toll on color treated hair. The repeated use of hot styling tools, even ceramic coated ones, can still burn or over work your hair. The metal ones will scorch it. Make sure to find tools that have temperature controls that will adjust for your hair type and texture. 400 degrees is not always the best idea just because it gets the job done. The idea is to keep your hair attached to your head. So, please turn down the temperature setting and find the lowest possible to still work for your hair.

Styling Products

Making sure that you are using the right heat styling products helps too. So, make sure to protect it with quality wet styling products. I say quality, because the ones at the grocery stores and large chain stores may not have fresh product event though it's a salon care brand. Many of the large stores don't pay attention to the fact that many salon care products have a shelf life. The employees are not removing the product from the shelf if its been there too long and the products do not come with expiration dates. Purchasing your salon products from a trusted site is important not only for your hair, but for your investment. The links in this blog are sending you to a trusted supply house in Southern California that will dropship to your door. Thousands of stylists in the western US have used these supply houses for decades, and only recently have independent stylists been able to send our customers to this site for you to be able to purchase direct from the distribution warehouses.

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