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Which brush to Choose?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Quality brushes can make the difference between healthy hair and stressed out hair. When it comes to choosing a brush for the job, don't skimp. You want to make sure that the brush that you choose will help you achieve the look that you are going for.

Wet Brushes

Safe for brushing hair when fresh out of the shower.

Times have changed. I was so excited when I saw my first wet brush, but not all are created equal. beware that some will not have the strength to get through some heavier heads of hair. so make sure to test the bristles with your fingers and feel how easy they bend in your hands. If they give too easy, it's not the brush for you. Sounds silly, but this simple little test will save you the grief of getting all the way home with your new found love, only to be disappointed when you get out of the shower with the first use. Pay attention to the direction of the bristles, and be sure to brush the wet hair with the direction of the bristles, if not you could find yourself in a tangled mess. If you have found the right one for you, enjoy your new found friend. I know that I do.

Flat Paddle Brushes

Flat paddle brushes can be similar to the wet brushes in that they have similar bristles and are pretty safe on wet hair. I love them for blow-drying long hair. It helps me cut the blow time and assists in smoothing the hair out. Just ask anyone that's sat in my chair with long hair. As with all brushes, but these specifically, it's important to keep them maintained. Please take the time to clean out your hair from the brushes. It's what will keep your investment for many years. Over time the rubber on these brushes will rot out with the wet hair and product coating it. Simple care and cleaning will make them last for years.

Round Brushes

The mystery be solved! To round brush or not and what size to use.

When it comes to round brushes, you want a choose one that will give the volume and body you want for your hair. Don't let yourself get stuck on only one way to use these little gems. not only can they give body, but can also give the hair curl. Small rounds 3/4"-1" is great for shorter hair for the roller size effect. I like to use the 1.5"-2" Round Brush for bangs. Larger rounds can give the smooth effect to curly hair, and body to straight hair types. the 2" is my favorite for large spiraled waves in the hair.


Get Inspired

Get a new brush for your hairstyling needs

What ever it is that turns out to be your go to for style and designing your hair in the morning, just make sure to invest in quality products so that they last a long time for you. Check out these links to purchase Brushes for your hair:

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