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How to Tame the Curl!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Perms and curls have been back in trend for some time. Here are just a few of the Paul Mitchell products to support your style.

Using Paul Mitchell haircare products supports the look and bounce that you want from your curls.

When your curls are dry and looking frizzy and need some definition and gloss try:

You'll find that your curls will bounce back and be the reason for why you loved them to begin with. Applying the product dry gives and heavier controlled effect, while adding Twirl Around to wet hair, gives a lighter weight softer curl. Or try somewhere in between to fins your perfect recipe.


Keep it Frizz Free Even in Miami!

Also remember that you can always mix in some Super Skinny Serum to add a bit more shine, and speed up dry time to have some humidity resistance. Either way, enjoy you and your beautiful curls the way our maker wanted you to. the great thing about this amazing potion, is even if you decide to take a day off from the curls and go totally straight, you can get super shinny straight hair when applying Super Skinny Serum to your hair wet and dry. You'll love how it feels and smells. If you happen to get a little bit left on your hands, go ahead and rub it into your skin for the hydration.

Check back for great tips and product support.

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