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7 Things to Keep Your hair Looking Healthy After Your Color Service

Updated: May 30

How to keep your hair looking amazing after your stylist colors your hair.

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You’ve finally made it to the hairdresser, and you’ve spent 2 plus hours in the chair. Your hair is beautiful, and you are excited about how your stylist made it look. So, when you wake up the next morning give it a break and let the color set in. After all it’s been through, your hair needs a rest. Give it at least 48 hours until you wash, dry, and style, putting it through more stress so soon. Here are some tips to help maintain healthy looking hair after seeing your stylist. To keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant:

Tip #1 - Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner:

Regular shampoos can strip the color from your hair, so it's important to use a shampoo and conditioner that's designed for color-treated hair. Look for products that are sulfate-free and contain ingredients like keratin and vitamin E, which can help protect and nourish your hair. The best person to advise on what shampoo & conditioner to use would be your hairdresser. They should advise you to only use salon care products that will best nourish your hair.

Tip #2 - Avoid heat styling:

Heat styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can damage your hair and cause the color to fade more quickly. If you must use heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature low.

Tip #3 - Protect your hair from the sun:

The sun's UV rays can fade your hair color and damage your hair, so it's important to protect your hair when you're outside. You can wear a hat, use a UV protectant spray, or simply avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight. Each Salon care company offers a UV protectant product. Make sure to use these before going out in the sun, or take it with you for the best protection.

Tip #4 - Wait before washing your hair:

It's important to wait at least 24-48 hours after getting your hair colored before washing it. This will give the color time to set and reduce the risk of fading. Make sure to use color protectant shampoo & conditioners. They will best match the needs of your hair after a color.

Tip #5 - Avoid chlorine and saltwater:

Chlorine and saltwater can strip your hair of its color and dry it out, so it's important to avoid swimming in pools or the ocean for at least a week after getting your hair colored. If you do swim, wear a swim cap or rinse your hair with fresh water before and after swimming. Your hair is like a sponge. So, getting it wet before jumping into the pool will dilute the chlorine being absorbed by your hair. Just make sure to give it a good washing.

Tip #6 - Use a hair mask:

A weekly hair mask can help keep your hair nourished and hydrated, which can prevent the color from fading. Look for a hair mask that's designed for color-treated hair and contains ingredients like keratin, argan oil, or avocado oil. Doing so will make your hair feel like it did when you left the salon, shiny and healthy.

Tip #7 - Don't over wash your hair:

Over washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils and cause the color to fade more quickly. Aim to wash your hair no more than 2-3 times per week and use dry shampoo or a cleansing conditioner in between washes. My favorite dry shampoos are those that come in a smaller bottle that I can carry in my purse for a quick freshen up.


I’m hoping that these suggestions help you with keeping the beautiful manageable hair that you’ve wanted. Please check back for more pro tips & tricks for your beauty care needs.

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